Club Rules


Club meetings will be held on the 1st Friday of every month at 8pm, tournaments will be held on the following Sunday. We will look at the calendar and make changes when necessary. Tournament times are to be 8 hours except June, July and August. Hours for these three months are 7pm-3am, 7pm-3am and 7pm-3am, respectively. All away lakes will be 8 hours. There will be 2 away lakes per year.



One team consists of 2 persons, $30.00 per team, per boat, $60.00 if 2 teams fish together out of the same boat.  If 2 teams fish together fish must be tagged and kept separate.  5 fish limit, 1 dead, Black Bass species only, lake decides size limit.  NO SHORT FISH WILL BE WEIGHED, any short fish brought to the scales automatically disqualifies that team for that particular tournament.  The shortest fish of each team will be measured.  Fish must cross line not touch line.  Fish must be caught only from the body of water currently being fished during that tournament.  Live wells will be checked, boats inspected.  No boats closer than 10 feet unless broken down.  Life vest must be worn while boat is on pad.  We fish 14 tournaments, EACH TEAM must pay for 12.  Year-end totals are on 12.  If team starts after January, any back money must be caught up, or that team cannot fish the Classic.  No new members after June are ineligible to fish the club Classic.  Each team must fish 8 tournaments with the same partner to be eligible to fish the Classic, NO EXCEPTIONS.  Club officers will not be voted on unless an officer quits for whatever purpose or reason, NO EXCEPTIONS.  Tournament Directors will be voted on every year.  Tournament Directors will conduct weigh-ins and a different team will help weigh each time.  Teams must have boats on trailers and fish bagged by weigh-in time. Any person that feels like a new rule will help the club, may present it at a meeting, and will be addressed by the officers and will be voted on in the next meeting,, if the officers feel that the new rule will benefit the club.  

Payout will be 1 Place per 5 boats, plus Lunker with a big fish rollover pot when hit. Pot will continue to roll over untill the fish is caught. 

Points are as follows - 1 point per ounce, 1 point per fish, 1 point per each largemouth, 50 points per meeting attended and 50 points per tournament fished.  Points will be kept on a running total until end of year for trophies.

Rods no longer than 8 feet, no fly rods, no live bait - ARTIFICIAL BAITS ONLY.  Tournament dues are to be paid at the meetings or at the ramp 30 minutes before blastoff.  Annual dues are $20.00 per year to be paid within the first 2 months.  Each boat owner must show proof of insurance by the 2nd month.  Insurance must have $100,000.00 liability, a copy of insurance card must be submitted to club for file purposes.  Distance limit for the club's away lakes is 110 miles from Gainesville, GA. 


Thank you for reading our rules. 

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