Club Teams

Team 1

Meet Tommy and Joseph, they have been fishing together for about five years now, and they love trying to prove they can out fish everyone else so they can rub our noses in it. Joseph had never bass fished much before they started fishing together. Now he seems to love the sport. Tommy grew up as a young boy fishing with his dad and brothers and has enjoyed fishing all his life. Now he enjoys helping others learn to have fun fishing.




Team 2

Meet Tony and Ray, they have been fishing together for about two years now. They work together and now they enjoy fishing together. Tony grew up on Lake Lanier and has lived and fished around the lake all his life. Thanks to his dad for teaching him and his brothers how to fish and have fun catching all kinds of fish. Ray did not bass fish much until he started tournament fishing. Now he enjoys fishing more than ever and is determined to see that his son learns to enjoy the outdoors too.





Team 3

Meet Mark,Originally from the west coast, did the military thing, been in Georgia about 13 years. Recreational fished all my life until 16 months ago, then started bass fishing. The rest is history I'm hooked!
a way to expand my bass fishing knowledge is what I'm looking for.






Our Club Jackets

This is our club jackets.






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